Reading List

Tl;dr version: I started keeping a reading list and decided to post it here for your edification.

Longer version: For most of my life I’ve been a voracious reader. And it’s been great making a career out of three things I really enjoy: reading, writing and computers.

However, when I became a full-time editor, my reading habits changed significantly. I can’t say that I stopped reading because, let’s face it, an editor reads all day as part of the job description. And that’s fine. Even now, I spend much of my day scouring the news and RSS feeds and Twitter for great stories about technology, programmers and the magic they do (plus hippie politics and a few other esoteric topics).

But all that reading during the day (and often into the evening) meant I had little enthusiasm left for pleasure reading in the evening. Though I hadn’t given up altogether. My daughter, wife and I read the Harry Potter series together during 2010 and the beginning of 2011. That got the fire burning again…

When we moved earlier this year, we gave up cable TV and gained a working fireplace. On top of that, my current work involves a bit more writing — excellent alternative exercise for the mind. We have a fantastic independent book store just a few blocks away, too. All that lends itself to more time and interest in evening (and lunchtime, and…) reading.

If figured at least one book a month would be a good target and decided that keeping a journal of my reading would be a good idea track my progress. So far I’ve achieved a bit better than that book-a-month goal. Better yet, I’ve read some great books so far and have a nice queue of books on the shelf for the winter.

So if you’d like to follow along with my reading, check out the reading list page from time to time. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date.

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