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A Big Toolbox Update

It’s been a while since I’ve provided on update on my Toolbox column at Visual Studio Magazine, but I’m still writing monthly missives (and still submitting them late…). Here’s a quick update on what’s been published since my last post about the column here.

There’s a nice archive of Visual Studio Toolbox columns as well should you want to browse through my other columns.

Now With More HTTPS

Happy New Year! Updates here have been long delayed because I’ve been trying to make time for some long overdue site upgrades. And now they’re complete!

The big news is HTTPS by default for terrencedorsey.com. It was remarkably easy to set up by following the excellent How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04 guide from DigitalOcean along with a free, easily renewed SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Also, since I kind of rushed into converting the blog from my old, custom staticDimension PHP based static blogging system to Jekyll late last year (with little fanfare), I took the time to set things up for more seamless deployment of changes.

We’ll see how that works going forward. I still have to write things of interest…

Toolbox: New Extensions for August and September

Summer’s almost over and it’s time to catch up with my Visual Studio Magazine columns.

From August, I bring you 17 New Extensions for Visual Studio 2015.

From September, here are an additional 16 New Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio.

I assure you that my October column with mix things up a bit theme-wise.

Toolbox: Bash on Windows

My July 2016 column for Visual Studio Magazine Bash on Windows: Getting Productive with Windows Subsystem for Linux takes a look at the new Ubuntu-based Linux terminal environment coming soon to a Windows 10 machine near you. I provide some background on the “Bash on Windows” announcement, explain how to get WSL on your system (hint: you’ll need a Windows Insider account), and highlight some tools and information to help get you started using WSL in your day-to-day work

Toolbox: Tools for AWS and Azure

It’s all about “the cloud” these days, right? Storage, services, distributed processing… it’s dead simple to spin up whatever resources your project may need, on demand.

My May 2016 Visual Studio Magazine column 14 Tools For Microsoft Azure Development highlights some handy tools, templates, and extensions for integrating Microsoft Azure resources into your software development projects and in some cases directly into Visual Studio itself.

My June 2016 column 16 Essential Windows Tools for Amazon Web Services covers similar ground, introducing you to some Windows developer tools that support AWS-based app development and resource management. The AWS tools article is also included in Visual Studio Magazine’s comprehensive Building Onto the Cloud with AWS whitepaper, free with registration.